Our Story

I have always believed while traveling that the hidden gems and treasures always seem to be a block or two from the center of town. And I know that other curious and adventurous travelers would agree!

That’s what gave me the courage to open my little shop 500 steps off the cobblestones of Main Street, Nantucket eleven years ago. 

I wanted to create something small, personal, and welcoming. And to make sure that every visit to The Lovely felt like a special occasion.

At The Lovely we strive to carry brands you may not have heard of but will quickly be devoted to. We stock piles of pretty dresses (with sleeves! And pockets!), chunky knits for chilly beach days, and separates with personality. All made from fabrics that feel as beautiful as they look. And with pattern! Lots and lots of pattern.

Helping women of all ages, shapes and sizes in finding what really flatters them gives me great satisfaction, and you can be sure there is always an honest opinion waiting on the other side of the fitting room curtain. 

Nothing delights me more than seeing a woman leave the shop looking and feeling lots better than when she walked in. Wheeeeee!

Hoping to see you soon,


Our Shop

11 Washington Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Open Seasonally. Call for current hours.