Livia star sweater the lovely nantucket You’ll know The Lovely Girl when you see her: she’s the one ready with a quick smile, a compliment, a cheeky joke, always with a sparkle in her eye.

She’s adventurous and free-spirited, yet firmly rooted in her beliefs. She’s naturally curious and equally interesting…there’s never been a topic The Lovely Girl didn’t want to discuss. She is always ready to make an impromptu toast, even if there’s no official occasion. The Lovely Girl is spirited, soulful and has a serious sense of self—but you’ll never find her taking herself too seriously!

The Lovely Girl accessorizes with zeal and knows that the right outfit is the key to a good day. She sees no reason to look like everyone else. She dresses in what makes her feel her very best…. even if that means wearing a silk kimono to The Stop & Shop. The Lovely Girl takes chances with fashion, and in life. And if she stumbles… she makes it part of the dance.